Ran Trilessky

I was born in 1978 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Emigrated to Israel in 1992 and since that time living in Givataim, Tel-aviv's downtown.

During my teenage years I was combining activities such as:
Playing chess, running short and medium distances, kickboxing, boxing, computer programming and hacking.
Studying yoga, doing meditation, playing soccer and participating in Vipassana course.

In 1996 I became a soldier and this is according to Israeli Law whereby everyone upon reaching the age of 18 must serve in the Israeli Defense Force for 3 years.
I decided to join paratroopers division and was admitted there.

In 1999, after completing the service, I started to study in The Open University for B.A. in Computer Science. However, I have decided to interrupt my studies after the first term in order to travel to Africa.

I spent a considerable amount of time traveling in African Tribes. I have stayed in more than 15 tribes for periods up to 2 months. A lot of time was also used for exploring Eastern and Central Africa's countries. I traveled in 8 countries, average time for travel in each country was 6 months. I couldn't foresee that my journey is going to take so long, but I was enjoying the challenging and exotic aspects of the traveling in Africa, the local people and their ways of life.
The travel in Africa had also highly contributed to my spiritual enlightment and brought my attention nearer to God.
I have been also performing ethnographic studies of tribes and communities visited for self-education.

In the year 2004 I came back to Israel. I stayed there for 8 months and during that time I engaged as a volunteer in a project of "Save the Child". This is an NGO which performs open-heart operations in Israel's Tel'-a-Shomer hospital for children residing in under-developed countries. I was working there with children from Tanzania.
I have also worked as guide for 'Hevra le aganat a-teva' (Organization of Nature Protection) with pupils who are emigrants from Ethiopia.

I assume I'm the only one who is a citizen of Israel who speaks fluent kiswahili.

I assume I'm the only one who had visited as many as 15 tribes in Africa staying with each for a considerable time in the recent decades.

I assume I'm the only one who has gotten the glory of being the first white man who discovered an unknown local Samburu village in the recent decades. Please see "Info on my travel in Africa" for more information about it. It was truely amazing to stand there, knowing you are the first white man the local tribemen see in their life.

In January, 2005 I embarked on my journey to Far-East Asia. It was very interesting for me to compare Eastern Africa and my experience of travel there to that of Far-East Asia.
I landed in Thailand where I spent one year traveling, studying their culture, buddism and Thai language. In Asia I have visited 5 countries so far. In each average time of stay was 6 months so far.

Currently I'm fluent in four languages: Russian, Hebrew, Kiswahili and English; three languages I speak on intermediate level: Amharic (Ethiopia), Thai and Tagalog. I able to read and write using Thai and Amharic alphabets.


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